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October 28, 2009 | kevintooke | Comments 3

Lots of interesting finds w/r/t beisbol on the intertubes today.  Hopefully its enough to keep you going until 7:57 ET:

Gary Matthews Jr. is disgruntled and delusional:

“I don’t expect to be back; it’s time to move on,” outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. said as he packed his belongings in the team’s Angel Stadium clubhouse today. “I’m ready to play for an organization that wants me to play every day. This organization has other plans, and that’s OK.”

Initial indications of interest show that Matthews is highly sought after.  I mean, the guy is just barely worse than your average minor leaguer!  I’m sure teams are going to be lining up to take on his $10/m a year contract and give him a starting job (as long as he promises to keep mashing to the tune of .250/.336/.381 while being 18 runs worse than the average major league outfielder on defense).   Seriously though, he is available just in time for the roster deadline for fall beer league softball teams everywhere.  What a pickup that would be.

Milton Bradley is disgruntled and delusional too, but Nick Steiner (aka vivaelpujols) shows that, unlike Matthew, Milton is actually really good at baseball.  Awesome visuals and as usual top-notch analysis.  The gist:

The fact that Bradley has such a bad year – and it wasn’t even that bad – can be placed solely on a huge drop in ISO from his previously established norms. His plate discipline and contact skills were just as good as they were in 08 and the year before that, and there is no evidence that the drop in ISO is anything “real”. Despite the personality problems, teams are apparently lining up to try and steal Bradley away from Jim Hendry because he is still a very good player.

Former Cardinals hitting instructor Hal McRae is ready to move on.  Word is Ax Men would like to give him a chance to really use his talents and teach how to hack.

NICELY DONE SAMSON!  Now that was an aggressive swing!

"NICELY DONE SAMSON! Now that was an aggressive swing!"

Now this is fandom and dedication.  I’m pretty sure I was conceived this way back when Darrell Porter was the apple of my Mom’s eye.

Enough is enough – is it time yet??  Let’s go Yankees!

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  1. mriehn says:

    Great post until you said “Let’s go Yankees”. :) (Of course, I really dislike the Phillies too).

    Bradley seems like a perfect fit for the A’s.

    It will be fun watching the Cubs pay Soriano and Bradley not to play in their outfield next year.

  2. kevintooke says:

    Donnie Baseball is from my small hometown – I’m sure you can give me a pass for having a rooting interest in this one.

    Not sure if it’s going to matter though – lots of rain here today in NYC

  3. vivaelpujols says:

    Hey, why didn’t you tell us you started writing here? I thought you weren’t gonna start for a little while, but your first post was like a week ago.

    Anyway, in case it wasn’t clear, I really would like to see Bradley on the Cardinals. I really wouldn’t want to see us blow money on Holliday (even if he plays great, it’d still be very hard for him to actually provide enough surplus value for him to be the best option) and would rather have us spread it around. Bradley would be cheap, good, and would be fun to watch play. I would also like to go for Mike Cameron, Chad Gaudin, J.J. Hardy (for third) and R.J. Swindle.

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