Jaime Garcia is the best Cardinal starting pitching prospect since?

May 04, 2010 | Clark | Comments 4

While watching the game last night I was telling my wife about the new hot Cards pitching prospect painting a masterpiece against one of the National Leagues more potent offenses.  I noted he was left handed, threw in the low nineties and has a variety of off-speed pitches that are just nasty.  Even my three year old son was impressed.  I got done with my ramblings and told my wife he was the best Cardinal starting pitching prospect since, um, well, I didn’t have an answer to my own question.

Now that’s embarrassing.  After a little more thought I came up with Rick Ankiel.  I remember the hitting, but also walking the bases loaded, then striking out the side, now that was good fun.  I started thinking even deeper and came up with the names Alan Benes, Bud Smith (I know) and Jose Jimenez.  Not exactly an overwhelming list.

I’m going to give the subject an in-depth review one weekend, but until I do, who did I miss?  Please comment and let me know.

And because I can’t resist – fun from last nights game courtesy of

Time to think twice about running onto the field…but then again, it was Philly…

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  1. mriehn says:

    Matt Morris!

    (Also Adam Wainwright, but he wasn’t drafted by STL)

  2. I was going to say Morris too, but if you’re looking for the best one who didn’t stay with the team, I’d go with Dan Haren.

  3. Clark says:

    WOW, how did I forget Matty Mo and Haren. Thanks guys!

  4. Bob Netherton says:

    You could go with Andy Rincon from 1981, although his major league performance was totally unexpected. He totally came out of left field – never saw that in his minor league stats. You can’t question the start to his 1981 season. Let’s hope for some beautiful weather so Garcia isn’t pitching on May 9, against the Pirates.

    My sentimental favorite is a guy who pitched just like him – Larry Jaster. Check out his 1965 September callup line, and then his 1966 full season.

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