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May 07, 2010 | mriehn | Comments 1

by Michael Riehn

I recently had a chance to preview a cool new Cardinal Baseball App from the Post Dispatch on my iPhone. If you have a smart phone device, and like to stay connected, it is a must download. The App includes articles, blogs, breaking news and photos from the Post-Dispatch’s baseball coverage team. Features include Twitter updates, player-by-player news updates, schedules, photo galleries and more.

The main benefit I’ve seen is faster upload time for articles on my phone. If you like to follow the post dispatch, it can be a pain to upload the articles from a cellular device. I follow many different baseball websites through RSS feeds downloaded to my phone, but the Post Dispatch has always been difficult. The feed makes you link to the site (instead of sending the article to you), which can take awhile to upload and view (especially if you aren’t connected to the web).

This app is easy to use and articles are downloaded fast in an easy to read format.  It saves time over anything else I’ve used.

It’s a great start, but I hope there are further updates made.  Possible improvements include:  video of interviews and highlights from the games, in game box score updates and standings.  It would also be nice to see team statistics.  This would be icing on an already great cake. 

How to Get the App:
Available on the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm webOS and Windows Mobile platforms.
Download it for: $2.99
SEARCH your phone’s app store for Cardinals Baseball 2010
TEXT cards to 46275


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About the Author: I am a Cardinal fan, from a small town in Missouri and grew up listening to the Whiteyball teams of the 1980s (but still love the Tony LaRussa version). Currently living outside of St. Louis, I am a partial season ticket holder with a great group of friends. I hold the position of Director of Sales and Marketing for a hydraulic press manufacturer and serve on a local youth baseball board of directors. Follow me on Twitter at:

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